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Gerard T'Hooft - Autopen signature identified

Gerhard T' Hooft (1946-  ) Dutch physicist who shared the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Photo on the right is in the files of the "PADAH" (Professional Autograph Dealers and Auction House Library.)

Photograph on the left, recently purchased on eBay by a collector. Seller is advised his photo has been signed by the autopen machine. Seller responds all the ways to detect how the signature in gold ink on his photo is genuine.  The seller holds the position the signature is genuine.  The seller also advises that the buyer go to an autograph expert they recommend.  The seller, on ebay, states they do not sell non-genuine autographs, including those signed by the autopen machine.  








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We refer to the signature of Elvis Presley in the earlier article  on The Autograph Planet. Let me assure you, this signature can and most likely will urn the collecting of rock and roll autographs upside down. Don't take this statement lightly.  It is my personaly opinion that ths signature and others may hit the tablids and news stations with a thunderous bang.

The owner of the signatures came to my office. He is almost finished writing a book, has a publisher, and it is due to be published in the spring of 2023, It has been two weeks since our two hour and a half conversation and I am still in shock!  The interview was so believeable I had to have a witness to the conversation. This man was in a position to be able to say the convincing things he had said.

Believe me, if you own something signed by Elvis Presley, don't part with it.

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The following illustrated signature is said to be written by Elvis Presley.  It is a signatue which is part of a return address on an envelope.  Ther are important reasons, shocking to be learned, which will be spoken about later.   The staining on the signature is from water. Should we get several responses to this signature, more infomation about it will be posted later.  ALL ARE VERY WELCOME TO RESPOND. The Autograph Planet is an educational site. Let's share our knowledge.


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