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BREAKING NEWS - Huge story on regarding the validity of dozens of Rocky Marciano signed letters that have permeated the hobby with official "certification". Check it out, we are mentioned in the story.

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Just posted. An indispensable autograph study of Jimi Hendrix, by Grant V. , the pre-eminent Jimi Hendrix expert, only here at Autograph Planet. This study not to be missed.

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The forgery/secretarial/autopen page was kicked off with a look at Muhammad Ali.

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  • Stephen Koschal Autographs Wins 2021 Award

    Press ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEStephen Koschal Historical Autographs Receives 2021 Miami AwardMiami Award Program Honors the AchievementMIAMI April 24, 2021 -- Stephen Koschal Historical Autographs has been selected for the 2021 Miami Award in the Autograph Dealers category by the Miami Award Program.Each year, the Miami Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that…

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    Started by stephen koschal 1 Reply · Reply by FightingFraud May 5
  • Hi autograph lovers. My name is Wang Wei

    你好美国人。我叫王伟。我以商人身份住在中国上海。我们擅长电子产品,并且擅长研究美国和英国的历史。我可能会购买这个博客。我想从局外人的角度展示您的行业正在发生的事情。史蒂夫·西尔金(Steve Cyrkin)是骗子。他是罪犯,我已经获取了所有已删除的电子邮件,但我找到了一种方法来揭露此罪犯。不久之后,请多多关注我。Nǐ hǎo měiguó rén. Wǒ jiào wáng wěi. Wǒ yǐ shāngrén shēnfèn zhù zài zhōngguó shànghǎi. Wǒmen shàncháng diànzǐ chǎnpǐn, bìngqiě shàncháng yánjiū měiguó hé yīngguó de lìshǐ. Wǒ kěnéng huì gòumǎi zhège bókè. Wǒ xiǎng cóng júwàirén de jiǎodù zhǎnshì nín de hángyè zhèngzài fāshēng de shìqíng. Shǐ dì fū·xī ěr jīn (Steve Cyrkin) shì piànzi. Tā shì…

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    Started by WANG WEI 2 Replies · Reply by David Wong May 5
  • The International Autograph Show by is re-scheduled

    The well run, yearly autograph show date for 2021 has been re-scheduled to September 18, 2021.  It will be held 10 kiometers or 6 miles from Bremen, Germany.  The city the event will be held is Delmenhorst, Niederschen.  If you never attended an autograph show, this should be your first.  There wil be a meeting and dealers buying, selling and even trading genuine autographs. These shows usually have celebrities signing autograph with no fee.  Last few shows had cosmonauts and evn a recipient of…

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    Started by stephen koschal 0 Replies
  • Can you trust Autograph Live? HELL NO

    Steve Cyrkin has falsely claimed he's an expert 3 times but stated he's not an expert on 76 different occasions.  John Reznikoff claimed PSA only makes 1/1000 mistakes but blew it on pawn stars becoming 0 for 1.  The whole third-party scam is falling a part and Steve Cyrkin supports this idiocy.  If you built a collection based on opinions you're going to have a very pissed-off opinion someday when you find out a HUGE percentage is fake.  Steve Cyrkin recommends these companies.  We do not nor…

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    Started by Thomas Feigenbaum 0 Replies
  • Also........

    Bear in mind, this is one of the TOP 3 regarded & recognized authentication companies by most if not all auction sites, auction houses & card & collectible stores ! 

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  • Anyone else in this situation ?

    How many times should autographed items be submitted for authentication with a certain south florida based authenticator ? Bearing in mind that i am charged each time an item fails, then passes on the 2nd or 3rd submittal. Video proof of the items being failed and the exact same items being passed by the same authentication company in hand. Criminal charges filed for theft also on video of signed items, stolen by a team member for the same authentication company in hand also. 

    Does anyone have the same or similar situation ?

    Looking forward to sharing the authentication company name, the authenticator's names, the employee's identity that stole my items on camera, and the videos of the theft, unprofessionalism, incompetence & fraud, at a later date. 

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  • The International Autograph Community would  be terrified if they were aware of how many forgeries, preprinted and secretarial signatures that are being sold that come with Certificates Of Authenticty from sellers of autographs that claim to be members of the UACC.

    The Certificate of Authenticty Reference Library is associated with PADAH. The library is overwhelmed with autographs that are deemed forgeries by three autograph experts. Each of the forgeries comes with a COA stating that the seller is a member of the UACC.  The following are six more forged signatures donated to the Library that come with COA's from UACC members.  Elizabeth Taylor

    3642853726?profile=RESIZE_710x  Robert Downey, Jr.…

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  • Horrific Forgeries Offered by Auction House

    In today's autograph market and with all the reference books on autograph collecting how can trash like this pass the "experts" at a well known autction house?

    There is absolutely no excuse for mistakes like this to take place.  It makes one wonder what ealse has been passed for genuine by the auction house "expert".   

    How can this many mistakes be made in one lot?  Obviously these books came from the same consignor.  Wouldn't you love to know who the consignor is?  You got 8 days left to make a bid....3635011360?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • PADAH Membership List March/April 2019

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  • Any one having issues on getting graded 1986 MICHAEL JORDAN rookie autograph from flight school camp.. I have submitted 2 recently to PSA and Beckette and came back not authentic Both are autheticaded by upperdeck  with coa and hologram.. i havespend over spend over 1k on both5 company's.. I feel been rob by the 2 companies.. By the way psa lost one of my certificates from flight camp...

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  • We would like to hear from those who know autographs signed by Mickey Mantle.

    Illustrated below are two signed photographs from the same source.

    There is a question of their authenticity.

    We would like to hear from anyone familiar with his genuine signatures.   Good or Bad or Too close to tell

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  • Most collectors don't realize the work that can go into authenticating an autograph.  We are not talking about those who claim to authenticate at shows. Hired hands go behind a curtain and look at examples on eBay. They would have no clue as to whether the one on ebay is genuine or not. This explains the thousands of mistakes made by all the ABC type authenticating companies.

    Most of the mistakes they make are horrific even limited editions of 1,000 copies claimed authentic were obvious forgeries to a professional.

    Some of these ABC types even have authenticated names spelled wrong and issued a certificate as authentic. When cornered on TV some of these so-called experts will say the forger did a good job.  $150 down the drain!

    We here in Colorado Springs do a fair amount of authenticating for people who really want to know if the item they purchased is genuine.  The other side of this business are the crooks who know their item ins NOT genuine and hope the…

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  • Before Herman Darvick came up with all those Joe Jackson signatures how many Jackson signatures has anyone seen sold in the market years before.

    In some circles it is said that Jackson could not sign his name yet Darvick mysteriously comes up with a few in a short period of time. You can read about these signatures in Peter Nash's fine articles in Hauls of Shame.

    Herman Darvick an admitted forger of autographs can clear up this mystery.  Some believe that the forgeries of Joe Jackson signatures that Darvick sold in his auctions were possibly signed by Darvick.

    Darvick who always has a lot to say about him being a forger can easily clarify that those Joe Jackson signatures sold in his auctions are not attributed to him.

    Just publish the names of the consignors from those sales made years ago.

    Of course you have made public that you will not make refunds based on bogus autographs that you have sold because according to you, you are no longer in…

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  • Herman Darvick was let go from his job at two different autograph companies.

    Herman Darvick no longer honors his Lifetime Guarantee to all those who purchased bogus autographs from Herman Darvick.

    Many emails from very unhappy collectors are in the files regarding Darvick selling bogus autographs, not refunding and even claiming he never sold the autograph.

    Now Darvick left on his own is trying to find those who know little about him to consign autographs to him.  This is exactly what an autograph group says about Herman Darvick.

    Read carefully, "failure to pay a member monies owed from a sale".  "..Failing to return unsold items to the same member.."

    This is not a one time example, there are plenty more just like it.  Herman Darvick needs your items....learn from the past!…


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Press ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEStephen Koschal Historical Autographs Receives 2021 Miami…
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The well run, yearly autograph show date for 2021 has been re-scheduled to September 18, 2021.  It…
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Bear in mind, this is one of the TOP 3 regarded & recognized authentication companies by most if…
How many times should autographed items be submitted for authentication with a certain south…
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