On the Pawn Shop Front we have

several agencies looking for an alledged swindler who has pawned fake babe ruth baseballs across four states in the south; with the latest in marietta georgia for $1,000.00  

Authorities seek the whereabouts of Shane A. Simpson especially Marietta  GA police.   Police in Santa Rosa County, Fla., said Simpson is known to frequent the area and business owners should be on alert.…

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Beatles autograph display

Hey guys just wanted to share the display of my Beatles autographs. This came framed like this but I changed out the pictures to my liking. The autographed album page can be seen in my previous blog posts.
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Boxing Authentication - WBC Authentication

Rec'd this update the other day but was on vacation.  Good for Travis.  In this role, however, he will need to call the shots 
regardless of who has the boxing item to certify! He did an excellent job here on outting tens of thousands of dollars of
forgeries on EBay and didn't focus just on PSA/DNA or JSA (or as Travis likes to refer to them as abc or xyz) that included
Florida Forgeries & the likes of GSA & others. (p.s. I have the full threads that were removed…
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