stephen koschal commented on Tom the Flyfisher's blog post Ian McKellen warns fans after imposter scams hundreds with fake autograph event ‘Beware of imposters who try to gain confidence,’ said Lord of the Rings star
"Becket's Steve Grad and the president of Beckett has been contacted on Multiple occasiOns about this horific situation.
No response from a person (Steve Grad) who when in court can't remember if he was removed from a major ChicAgo sports show for…"
Apr 14
stephen koschal commented on Alejandro Rodriguez's blog post Michael jordan flight school auto
"For over 20 years collectors have been warned about using the companies that CLAIM they can authenticate autographs.
Hundreds of stories with proof have been posted and you spent 1K with them. How can anyone feel sorry for you?   You have been…"
Apr 14
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Mar 3, 2020
stephen koschal replied to Willie Naler's discussion PAWN STARS, on History Apple 1 computer.
"I've known instances where thR&R's cover items  didn't sell. they retrned the item to the consignor and asked the consumer  if they could put an outlandish selling prince on the item and then advertise in future catalogs that they got a record…"
Mar 1, 2020
stephen koschal commented on DB's blog post This is why EBAY s/b the target for a class action - Fakes sold by Panezich
"DB, great educational information for readers of Autograph Planet. Thanks for the input."
Mar 1, 2020
Jeffery Hunter replied to stephen koschal's discussion Roger Epperson - of "Real" authenticaton- seems to be a serious problem
"Can people who bought items from him, who have later found out that what he sold them were fakes, can these people sue him for "damages"?  Should he have to pay them for what the item would be worth if real?
If somebody had something that would be…"
Feb 22, 2020
Willie Naler replied to stephen koschal's discussion Roger Epperson - of "Real" authenticaton- seems to be a serious problem
"He hates to be questioned and still refuses to sit for his video deposition and answer any questions.  If he's as good as he thinks he is, then why is he still hiding from this?"
Feb 4, 2020
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  Report last updated: 39 hours ago Smooth Stat has reviewed and smoothed out the details of and has generated the following free report. is hosted in Southfield Michigan, United States on a server which is using the IP address…
Jan 11, 2020
William Q replied to stephen koschal's discussion Herman Darvick-where autographs are born- Marc Chagall "signed" prints, BEWARE!
"No big surprise with this guy, however another educational story by Stephen Koschal.  I'm sure this will help many who have been taken by Darvick.  Anyone who has been in this hobby for awhile already knows to stay away from anything associated with…"
Jan 10, 2020
stephen koschal posted a discussion
 Herman Darvick - Marc Chagall - Beware Signed PrintsHerman Darvick, where autographs are born! by Stephen Koschal“Through the years, I have examined well over 100 items with a signature of Marc Chagall either sold or authenticated by Herman…
Jan 10, 2020
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PADAH                       Preferred Autograph Dealers & Auction Houses PADAH is now one year old. It’s success has thus far been overwhelming  Not surprisingly, there has not been a single complaint from anyone in the International Autograph…
Jan 4, 2020
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                                                                                                                                         THE OFFICIAL LIST                     of Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses                 …
Nov 30, 2019
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Mother Teresa – Study of Her Signature – Be Educated                                                                       by Stephen Koschal Collecting autographs of Mother Teresa is very popular. Yet many collectors and even sellers of autographs…
Nov 25, 2019
stephen koschal replied to Rick Williams's discussion James Spence
"All wannabe companies who claim they can authenticate autographs will have someone onboard that they can manipulate!  Just shocked anyone would have someone like Darvick who has a horrible reputation for selling and even producing forgeries.  Just…"
Nov 24, 2019
stephen koschal replied to Rick Williams's discussion Interesting Signed Book
"Rick, what an interesting question, one that I have not really heard in over 50 years. I personally witnessed Herman Darvick forging autographs. He was so proud of his work, smiling and saying how few would know they were forgeries.  All the…"
Nov 22, 2019
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You probably know by now if you purchased a forgery from Herman Darvick either directly from himself or from one of his auctions  you have found it's impossible.  He will tell you his Lifetime Guarantee is no longer valid or what he has told me in…
Nov 21, 2019