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"This doesn't surprise me. I've looked at Bomsey's web site and saw other things that troubles me but I'm not going to spend time doing his authentication.  The Gerald R. Ford signature on his web site is atrotious.  Bomsey may believe that no one…"
I know that I should't go outside the PADAH members to purchase an autograph but I found this Gerald R. Ford signature that is dated and this is the type of presidential signatures I like to have in my collection.  A signature with a date or one…
"Can't wait till this educational course gets picked up by Google! "
Many people will state the autograph industry has been harmed more by incompetent third-party authentication companies than any other factor.  Who hasn’t seen the completely bogus items all over eBay and Amazon being sold with stickers from JSA,…
"I've been dealing with Koschal since the early 90's and have been pleased 100% of the time. No auction house has ever refused a consignment that comes with a Koschal COA.  He is totally professional, answers every question and has triple or more…"
"There should be a separate section on Planet for Frost. Keep his informativec rap from the rest of the site.  Have a "in the sewer section."  Zareli is an absolute fraud, just google hin and read all the rip off reports. He seems so bad yet second…"
"I follow this site like most of my collecting friends on a regular basis. I am shocked by Mike Frost's of PAAS filthy, disgusting response. Anyone can see from this where his mind is. A genuine pig. I will make sure everyone I know will never use…"
"No big surprise with this guy, however another educational story by Stephen Koschal.  I'm sure this will help many who have been taken by Darvick.  Anyone who has been in this hobby for awhile already knows to stay away from anything associated with…"