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"I've heard this happen time after time.  One guy had them authenticate something stupid and on the 6th time they finally passed it.  He paid $300 for the autograph, $600 in guesses that failed it until they guessed correctly on the sixth time.  He…"
"It's good to see the frauds finally getting what they earned and deserved.  Hire a JSA so-called phony expert and he steals from you.  Figures."
Stuart Macpherson posted a blog post took some time, some patience & alot of effort from law enforcement in TX & Florida. But finally. On April 18th, the thief from JSA - Erik Santomauro, an authenticator & their Director of Sales, is due in court in Broward County,…
"Remember the famous email chain where RR Auction sells $100,000 worth of fake autographs according to PSA?  RR Auction asks PSA to rectify this and PSA states have him resubmit them and we will say they are all genuine.  So who is the expert? …"
"Don't submit anything.  THe proof is in the results.  They suck.  One former employee said they will hire anyone.  Then to train them they give them 2 pieces of paper.  On one list is who to pass everything for and on the other page who to fail…"
"Anyone using 3rd party knows they suck.  They just no longer have to give refunds because it's stickered.  Look at JSA who authenticates the worse forgeries known to man, or PSA who is clueless or Beckett.  Oh gosh, poor Ian McKellen."
"Yes, it happens all the time.  JSA sucks.  They just Suck.  They know nothing.  I can show you hundreds of fake items they have authenticated as real and just as many real items they failed.  All about money so they appear to be hiring anyone from…"
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