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"This doesn't surprise me. I've looked at Bomsey's web site and saw other things that troubles me but I'm not going to spend time doing his authentication.  The Gerald R. Ford signature on his web site is atrotious.  Bomsey may believe that no one…"
"Can't wait till this educational course gets picked up by Google! "
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"The greatest part of collecting autographs are not just the autographs, but the friendships you make! I consider Stephen and Pat GOOD friends! Thank you for making this hobby enjoyable and fun!"
"Thanks Daniel.  I think the whole thin is a scam, conjob or whatever you call an opinion by someone who is hidden, guaranteeing nothing at all, with a form letter that means ZERO.  James Spence Authentication is a con job.  Don't trust anything with…"
"I knew JSA was a scam when I saw his adds advertising that he was doing 6 shows a weekend.  That means 5 people are guessing besides Jimmy.  The milk man, the postman, sons girlfriend, some fat circus lady and a blind young guy.  It's ridiculous…"
"I've been dealing with Koschal since the early 90's and have been pleased 100% of the time. No auction house has ever refused a consignment that comes with a Koschal COA.  He is totally professional, answers every question and has triple or more…"
"To Raiderman: since you don't want to use your real name, I'll go along with it.  Yes, John Gonzales left ebay 5 years ago, the autograph community knows this.  His exact words used are in "quotes."  He had quite a bit of trouble with eBay's choice…"
"Sorry not authentic, BANANA 🍌M's is the tell all!!"