Tomas Tren replied to Jeffery Hunter's discussion Developing Story! Roger Epperson behind another forgery???
"Didn't the person who had him look at it say, "well you authenticated this and you said it was good" and the LEGEND OF HIS OWN MIND then say, "well everybody can be fooled once"?
Feb 25, 2020
Jeffery Hunter replied to Stephen Koschal's discussion Roger Epperson, a self proclaimed Autograph Authenticator, What's Wrong With This Person?
"What about his dealings with Joe Long and ROCKOGRAPHS from the 80's and 90's?"
Feb 24, 2020
Jeffery Hunter replied to stephen koschal's discussion Roger Epperson - of "Real" authenticaton- seems to be a serious problem
"Can people who bought items from him, who have later found out that what he sold them were fakes, can these people sue him for "damages"?  Should he have to pay them for what the item would be worth if real?
If somebody had something that would be…"
Feb 22, 2020
Jeffery Hunter replied to Thomas Feigenbaum's discussion What a circus third party authenticators have created and why not to respect their opinion
"HAHA!! I saw where Roger can tell pen pressure, and slant and that the same hand signed a album from a SCAN!!!  He has said that nobody can do that, yet he's done it!  What a amazing authenticator!
How many people has he told that he will not…"
Feb 22, 2020
Jeffery Hunter posted a discussion
This is a Developing story, waiting on the images and emails regarding it and they will be posted when they make it over to the newsroom. What is known so far.  Roger Epperson sold a signed beatles piece, signed by all 4 members.  That item was then…
Feb 22, 2020