stephen koschal commented on Tom the Flyfisher's blog post Ian McKellen warns fans after imposter scams hundreds with fake autograph event ‘Beware of imposters who try to gain confidence,’ said Lord of the Rings star
"Becket's Steve Grad and the president of Beckett has been contacted on Multiple occasiOns about this horific situation.
No response from a person (Steve Grad) who when in court can't remember if he was removed from a major ChicAgo sports show for…"
Apr 14
Tom the Flyfisher commented on FightingFraud's blog post eBay Sucks- Their authenticators are blind
"eBay knows most of what they have on their site is fake all across the board.  Why else would they recommend JSA, PSA or Beckett?  Even their person in charge of Fraud, John Gonzalez said it best with his knowledge; "PSA Sucks and is inept even on a…"
Apr 13
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Sir Ian McKellen has warned fans of an impersonator who has been deceiving autograph hunters.The perpetrator had worn a cap and a mask over his face to disguise himself as the Lord of the Rings star at an “official signing” that swindled 400 fans…
Mar 18
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Apr 28, 2021