Some third party authentication companies will glance at your autographed memorbillia and instantly tell you it's not genuine, but not before charging you a huge fee to do so. 

Make Sure You Do Not Fall Victim to Third Party Authentication Companies.  

This is the final respose from the PSADNA representative regarding the badly forged signature of Mark Twain authenticated  as genuine and encapsulated by PSADNA..

The autograph authenticators for PSADNA are as follows;

Tom Poon (?), Bill Corcoran(Sports), Kevin Keating (Sports), and John Reznikoff of University Archives. Reznikoff is the authenticator for Historical Autographs.


PSA Customer Service
Sun, Mar 10 at 9:03 PM
Hello Steve,
I am afraid that for security purposes and the safety of our staff, I cannot divulge the personal information of anyone for works for PSA/DNA or Collectors as a whole. I am sorry that I cannot assist you further with this inquiry............
Thank you, and have a good day,

Kai D
PSA Customer Care
This is the first admisiioon that I am aware of that a company who claims to authenticate autographs will not divulge which of their "experts" authenticated a forged signature as genuine.  They make is somewhat clear that admitting who made this inexcusable blunder has his life endanger.  


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