Some third party authentication companies will glance at your autographed memorbillia and instantly tell you it's not genuine, but not before charging you a huge fee to do so. 

Make Sure You Do Not Fall Victim to Third Party Authentication Companies.  

PSA/DNA Please correct this inexcusable error

 Find below a "scan" of a PSA/DNA encapsulated signature of Mark Twain. Certified genuine item # 85170821.  Your current web site lists your current expert for historical autographs is a John Reznikoff of University Archives.  I request that you have another one of your "experts" take a quick look at this signature and decide that you might want to reverse your decision.

Anxiously awaiting your reply

On March 8, 2024   PSA/DNA replied:


PSA Customer Service
Fri, Mar 8 at 1:13 AM
Hello Stephen,
Your original request had asked, "Please advise 'who' at PSADNA authenticated this signature of Mark Twain as genuine?" I'm afraid I do not completely understand the intent of your question. If you would not mind elaborating, I would be more than happy to help you.
Thank you for reaching back out to us, and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.
Take care, and have a great day, 

Kai D
PSA Customer Care
To: PSADNA Customer Service
Fri. Mar.8 10:08AM
Kai D.
 I simply asked who, which "expert" at PSADNA authenticated the slabbed Mark Twain signature, a copy which was sent to you? See illustration below. Cordially, STEVE
SHOCKING RESPONSE from PSADNA representative. They go into hiding. See new story above!




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