Some third party authentication companies will glance at your autographed memorbillia and instantly tell you it's not genuine, but not before charging you a huge fee to do so. 

Make Sure You Do Not Fall Victim to Third Party Authentication Companies.  

Beckett Authentication - Caution - Read REVIEWS

 There's no question that what some believe there are three high profle companies who claim to authenticate autographs, Beckett Authentiation seems to be the one most distrusted with accuracy.

All one needs to know is that the lead authenticator is Steve Grad,

By his own admission, his autograph experience comes from working at a Chicago Autograph Auction.  The owner of the auction, Bill Mastro went to prison.

Steve Grad claims that his expertsie came from handling millons of dollars worth of autographs while working for Mastro's Auction.  That to the uneducated seems quite impressive.  However what he does not tell you is that he worked in the mail room wrapping the items that were being sent to the successful bidders.

Now, a Steve Grad was once removed by security at the Chicago National Sports Convention.  Reason for this is professional dealers exhibiting at the show compalined to security that Grad was seelling numerous forged autographs.

Grad was removed from the building.  Some years later, Grad in a deposition and under oath was asked: "Are you the Steve Grad who was removed from the National for selling forged autgraphs"?

Grads response: "I don't recall."

Each year for five years Grad has been invited to an autograph seminar to discuss Beckett's Autograph Authentication Service to the autograph community.

There has never been a response.

This is most unfortunate, as the amount af authenticting mistakes made by Beckett is unfortunate and costing collectors an unbelieveable amount of money.

"PADAH" the largest autograph club in the world has over 70 professionl autograph dealers and auction house as members.  Not one member is required to issue a refund based on a "guess" from Beckett.

For more information on Beckett, required reading should be logging onto Beckett Media.Reviews



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