Barack Obama Signatures. Beware

Now and in the Future


Collecting autographs is getting more complicated as the years pass.  Technology is something collectors and dealers must become aware of.  On eBay, one seller is offering many photographs of Barack Obama, signed. The seller asking price is only a dozen dollars for each.  See just a handful of what is being offered.


Obviously, these signatures are identical and signed by machine.  It gets more complicated when they start showing up inscribed and signed.


How long will it take before some unscrupulous person starts to purchase many of these, waits a few years and starts selling them as genuine.  One can almost image an uneducated seller asking anywhere from $599.00  up to $1,200  for one of these machine signed signatures.

 You can be assured not a single dealer member of “PADAH” will be offering one of these “signed” photographs in the future.

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