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UACC - this group appears to be basically dead - web site now seems frozen for quite some time

Report last updated: 39 hours ago 
Smooth Stat has reviewed and smoothed out the details of and has generated the following free report. is hosted in Southfield Michigan, United States on a server which is using the IP address 192.
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Herman Darvick-where autographs are born- Marc Chagall "signed" prints, BEWARE!


Herman Darvick - Marc Chagall - Beware Signed Prints

Herman Darvick, where autographs are born!

 by Stephen Koschal

“Through the years, I have examined well over 100 items with a signature of Marc Chagall either sold or authenticated by Herman Darvick.

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1 Reply · Reply by William Q Jan 10

PADAH - Happy Birthday - January 2002


                       Preferred Autograph Dealers & Auction Houses


PADAH is now one year old. It’s success has thus far been overwhelming  Not surprisingly, there has not been a single complaint from anyone in the International Autograph Commun

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Third party authentication and how it really works

Tomorrow we may begin to show some emails amongst third party authenticators including non-experts used by other auction sites.  To say this will shake things up in the industry would be an understatement.  When you see how they truly authenticate au

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1 Reply · Reply by NAPOLEON Dec 25, 2019

Official list of PADA members, Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses - December 2019

                                                                 Padah final.jpg
                                                                   THE OFFICIAL LIST
              of Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses
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Mother Teresa - An Autograph Study of Her Signature

Mother Teresa – Study of Her Signature – Be Educated

                                                                       by Stephen Koschal

 Collecting autographs of Mother Teresa is very popular. Yet many collectors and even sellers of autographs a

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James Spence

I went to a sports memorabilia show today.

Saw they had James Spence Authentication there.

Isn't that who Darvick did authentications for?

I was so tempted to go up to the guy and say "Doevs Mr. Darick still work with you??"

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1 Reply · Reply by stephen koschal Nov 24, 2019

Interesting Signed Book

I was looking up a person who authored a book about autograph collecting and found something interesting.
He is a renowned autograph forger!
Mr. Herman Darvick.
I remember first seeing this book back when I was in junior high school, mid 1980’s.
I’ll try

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1 Reply · Reply by stephen koschal Nov 22, 2019

Steve Koschal claims $1,000 Reward from autograph forger Herman Darvick, AGAIN!

You probably know by now if you purchased a forgery from Herman Darvick either directly from himself or from one of his auctions  you have found it's impossible.  He will tell you his Lifetime Guarantee is no longer valid or what he has told me in pe

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Herman Darvick admitted forger, located on eBay selling autographs, chance for collectors to get refunds

 Complaint / review / scam report
   Herman Darvick Authenticator for JSA PSA DNA JSA Authenticators at large

Complaint / review text:
 Someone walks into the Pawn Shop with a book Say it Aint So, Joe.
The books author is Thomas L. Stix and the book h

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UACC - A Continuation of Their Dealers Selling Forgeries

This is just an ongoing situation where Regisrered Dealers of the UACC are selling forged autographs.  As always, these orginal photographs bearing forged signatures and useless COA's stating they are members of the UACC are on file with the "Certifi

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Ignorant Sellers of Autographs Using Incompetent Authenticators

           Ignorant Sellers of Autographs Using Incompetent Authenticators

Two wrongs will cost you, hope the education was worth it?

   At this day and age and after all that is documented on how incompetent many of the quasi authenticators are, some

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1 Reply · Reply by Daniel Nov 13, 2019
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