After all the years of exposing the horrible inner workings of the U.A.C.C., including the hiding of revenues, very corrupt Ethics Board and a very sad Board of Directors who kept giving each other awards, and much more. The control the Board had over the process of elections of officers  over the decades was a disgrace.  Evidence is how a few maintained their positions for decades.  It certainly appears the hundreds of International collectors and dealers who joined together to boycott the U.A.C.C. has worked. They refused to not respond to the request for sending in their yearly dues. They dropped out of the club. 

Today, I received a phone call from somone I have not heard from in quite some time. I believe they were once involved in the club.    The story goes that the long time Treasurer of the club who two years ago on his own assumed the presidency and has done nothing since is trying to sell the club.  The vice-presdent went into hibernation.

It wasn't clear if t Treasurerhe wants the money up front or is taking bids for this non-profit organization.  Whatever it is would not surprise me.  Does anyone actually own the club and has a right to cash in on it?  Hopefully more later.....

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