The U.A.C.C. has been dead  for a few years, way before it totally fell silent.  Many members got conned into paying dues for something the board of directors  knew was inevidable.  Collectors who didn't yield to years of warnings were basically scammed!

Educated collectors know that if a dealer is still displaying the U.A.C.C. logo, they are conning you as well.   The logo represented a club that did nothing, disappointed their own regular members and protected some  fellows at the top who protected themselves against some very serious complaints.

Should you consider purchassing from any dealer who still illustrates the U.A.C.C. logo on their website, it is highy recommened that you ask around and do your own homework. There is even less, actually no protection for you should you get burnt on a bad purchase.

Behind the scenes, the last person at the U.A.C.C. Alamo, has been trying to sell the club for his own benefit.  BEWARE!

Many saw this coming for years! Others think this is the best thing for the hobby!  If you only new what went behind the scenes......

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