We will be putting some of the following signatures up for auction over the next few months at www.toddmuellerautographs.com.  If your not a registered bidder yet, register.  If you own a large autograph collection and don't know where to go, you can travel across the country like the Geer estate did (the collection discussed here) and then sell your collection to Todd Mueller or you can contact Todd Mueller now by email at todd@toddmuellerautographs.com or by cell phone at (972) 896-7742.  Todd Mueller is always searching for major autograph collections or high end material.

The Geer estate was started by Charles Geer Jr in the 1930's.  He passed away in 1972.  His collection is diverse and contains approximately 2,000 autographs from all walks of fame.  Here are just a few examples from this estate we recently acquired after being willing to pay more than five other major dealers and auction houses that were shown this collection.  It's a fantastic collection and here are just a few highlights we will be offering at Todd Mueller Autographs.

There's nearly something for everybody in this collection.  

In baseball we have Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Lou Gehrig, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Herb Pennock, Tony Lazzeri, Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons, Rabbit Maranville, Rogers Hornsby, Kiki Cuyler, Mel Ott (Signed Melvin Ott), Charles Comiskey, Walter Johnson, Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, Honus Wagner, Hal Chase, Ed Walsh, Joe Tinker, Mordecai 3 finger Brown, Daniel Casey (Casey at Bat written about him) and many many more.  


There's boxers like Jack Johnson, Jess Willard, Max Baer Sr, Kid Chocolate etc

There's Golfers in this collection

Other sports stars from Tennis

To Football



and even the inventor of Basketball, James Naismith

There's aviators

Movie Stars

World Leaders, Supreme Court Justices, Artist's, Authors, and other notables

and there is even two signatures of Al Capone himself!

Contact Todd Mueller now to sell your high end material or large collections.  If you want to bid on some of the above or more from the Geer estate we recently acquired register now at www.toddmuellerautographs.com.  I, Todd Mueller purchase more genuine autographs then anyone else I know in the hobby.

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  • Carl, most buyers of collections buy EVERYTHING.  IF the "cherry pick" then you are left with what won't sell or isn't of value.  Most take that into account with putting in a offer.  If you send in 200 items and you have 100 stars and 50 mid range stars and 50 commons the offer will most likely reflect that.


    Yes there are dealers that only want the top selling items, but some will buy the COLLECTION and sell everything.... I think that's what Todd does, so what you are saying isn't correct... 

    If you send items in, take photos, and a video of EVERYTHING.  Showing what you are sending, along with a typed inventory.  This way there is a record of what is being sent.  There are ways to protect yourself.  Be smart about things...

  • sounds simpler then it really is.....having to pack up 200 autographs and ship them so that he may peruse them and pick and choose and keep only what he wants is not an easy thing or safe thing to do in my opinion....sorry but that is how i feel about it.....carl....

  • Congratulations on the great grab Todd!

This reply was deleted.