The well run, yearly autograph show date for 2021 has been re-scheduled to September 18, 2021.  It will be held 10 kiometers or 6 miles from Bremen, Germany.  The city the event will be held is Delmenhorst, Niederschen.  If you never attended an autograph show, this should be your first.  There wil be a meeting and dealers buying, selling and even trading genuine autographs. These shows usually have celebrities signing autograph with no fee.  Last few shows had cosmonauts and evn a recipient of the Nobel Prize.  For additional infomation email:

Below is a photo from one of the meeting rooms. Listen and learn.8824506283?profile=RESIZE_710x


Another photo of a group listening to a celebrity speaking. Steve Koschal and Pat Claren from the USA in the front seats.



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