Steve Zarelli & Mike Frost like oil and vinegar to the Autograph Hobby


The very popular autograph educational website has been a long time threat to those who are behind the autograph forgery industry.  You have been reading about that handful for many years. has been hacked into many times.  It certainly appears some of the stories were too close to home for those who have their own felonious interest at heart.   One of the problems was Travis Roste had the pin number to the domain.  He was the contact from the holder of the domain name.

According to the widow of Travis Roste, he was constantly being cyber bullied by two internet trolls, Steve Zarelli and one other.   What's interesting about Zarelli is when he was contacted by RR Auction to become their expert, Zarelli responded by email, "I'm hardly an expert at anything.  I don't think your biography is correct about me."   His name was picked out of a hat and from the beginning he allowed himself to be controlled.  His comment about his own his lack of knowledge on authenticity gave him the failing grade  RR Auction needed.  He was now to be their expert on something for the publicity.  

Steve Zarelli is also one of the loosing major players in the UACC. The UACC has folded after fifty years because of a few including Zarelli.

 The bullying by Steve Zarelli and one or two others on net54 eventually took its toll on Travis Roste. He was one of the most honest people in the autograph industry.  His only mistake was participating on net54 with some very crude and horrific people.  These few had hatred for people they never met or spoke two. Just simpletons who follow what one or two have to say.  The bullying truly bothered Travis and led to a heart attack at the early age of 48. This  was the result of Zarelli and others on net54.  Neither internet troll ever apologized, attended Travis's funeral or acted like they even cared.  They were likely celebrating knowing what they accomplished.

This is a classic example of hurting people that you don't even know.  Those who bully are usually part of a handful of haters whose agenda is to be evil and bring someone down.  These handful of deplorables even attacked a Reverend.  

Another problem was a sewer rat named Mike Frost of PAAS also called an ‘autograph terrorist.”  He was harassing some members of Autograph Planet, because the truth about Frost was unveiled. Frost wrote with filthy attacks with absolutely untruths, made up by himself, that are not worthy of repeating here. He would create stories about family members of some associated with Autograph Planet. This imbecile wrote numerous emails saying the most horrific statements anyone could imagine.  Michael Feigenbaum hides under the name of Mike Frost.

Mike Frost is well known for the comment “anyone can open an autograph authenticating service, they just need a one cent letterhead and a stamp.”  He was right and because of his lack of skills he had no where to go but attract the forgery industry. The hobby if filled with thousands of PAAS COA”s of forgeries certified as genuine by Mike Feigenbaum aka Frost.

In the PAAS circle of imposters, he uses his wife’s name “Toni Amato” as an expert.  This gives the appearance of another male on the staff. It is his wife, a waitress at Cracker Barrel restaurant who brings her husband food from work at 4PM.  The background of these two are extremely troubling.  Associated with known criminals, Frost plays the part of a wannabe gangster.  Frost as treasurer of the IACC/DA autograph club stole $50,000 from the club's funds causing the club to shut down. 

A red flag should have gone up after Toni Amato stole several hundred dollars in cash from the table she was in charge collecting cash from persons being admittted to a New York autograph show. Her excuse was that she needed to go use the ladies room and left the cash in a cigar box on the table in the hall way, unattended.

Toni Amato’ grew up with a father who died in prison.  He was a  member of a noted New York mafia family and was spending his life in prison for multiple murders. After Amato's death, his collection of jewelry and artwork was passed onto his daughter, Toni Amato.  Mike Feigenbaum/Frost is now living on a monthly allowance from is wife.

It's a fact, the fraudsters like Mike Frost can do much better financially in this hobby than legitimate dealers. They can sell their forgeries authenticated by themselves.   Frost of PAAS has recently taken a severe blow financially as some of his supporters who sell forgeries have gone elsewhere because much of the autograph community is aware  the person selling knows they are trying to pass off a forgery. The forgers are now looking for another corrupt authenticating service now that PAAS is exposed.

It is for the above reasons a group has formed a new website where they have total control.  The name of the new web site is  The new website will still be an educational site with the best interests of the hobby   It will not be a person bashing site unless the story is informative, backed with proof that will help educate collectors/dealers.

All members of the old web site will be advised of this new web site via email.  It is the hope that everyone will continue to support the new web site and pass the new name to friends of the autograph hobby.

It will be interesting to learn what despicable human being took advantage of Travis Roste's death and purchased the domain name autographplanet.  When this comes out it will expose, hopefully by name, what sort of low life would take advantage of someone's death just to own a domain name.


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  • There should be a separate section on Planet for Frost. Keep his informativec rap from the rest of the site.  Have a "in the sewer section."  Zareli is an absolute fraud, just google hin and read all the rip off reports. He seems so bad yet second to Frost.  Thanks for the mass email regardng   "The Autograph Planet."  Take control!!!!!

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