Stephen Koschal, Autograph Authenticator,

most auction houses think he’s the best…

Stephen Koschal has studied autographs for about sixty years and been a autograph dealer handling quality autographs and signed books since 1967.

As an autograph authenticator he has worked with nearly all the major auction houses.

Many auction houses have their own authenticators but when they have problems, they call on Stephen Koschal.  He is the best because he is the most accurate.  Every legitimate autograph dealer and auction house, Internationally, accept Koschal's Certificates of Examination.

In the past are just some of the accolades from auction houses that offer autographs.

“ Bob Eaton asked if I could ask you for a favor….as far as we are concerned, you are one of, if not the most respected autograph authority we know….” Ron Lavallee, RR Auction”

“……If someone would like to call, if possible, I’d appreciate it if it could be Steve Koschal…..Steve Koschal was to gather additional information on our own and present it to JSA. Some of it obviously had great value, as the response from JSA was to pull the lot….” Robert Lifson, President, Robert Edward Auctions

“……when I’m asked to recommend an autograph authenticator and that is often, I always recommend Stephen Koschal…..” Todd Mueller, President, Todd Mueller Autograph Auctions

“….your last letter was of great help to me and I enormously appreciate your efforts in trying to stop the forgers, not just of my appraisals, but in every area….” Charles Hamilton, Charles Hamilton Auctions

“…..Stephen Koschal, one of the Founding Fathers of Modern Day Autograph Collecting…..” Kevin Martin, Autograph Auctioneer

“We have been using (very high profile autograph authentication company) as third party authenticators. I am starting to really have some doubts about their expertise in vintage entertainment. I am attaching 9 Sinatra signatures. Can you help by examining them….could you give it a quick-lookover and get back to me? I hope all is well and I thank you for your last minute help….” Doug Norwine, Director Music & Entertainment, Heritage Galleries/Auctioneers

And from the largest autograph auction house in the world…..

……unfortunately, the authenticators that advise me on these matters are torn as to the authenticity of this piece. I wanted to bring it to your attention in the hopes that you could shed some light on this item….I am writing in the hopes of establishing a direct relationship with you so that similar items may be properly auctioned…..” John Gonzalez, Ebay Inc. Fraud Agent



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  • To Raiderman: since you don't want to use your real name, I'll go along with it.  Yes, John Gonzales left ebay 5 years ago, the autograph community knows this.  His exact words used are in "quotes."  He had quite a bit of trouble with eBay's choice of authenticators. He knew how awful they were and needed help.  Charles Hamilton died in the 90's, you forgot to mention that!

  • Steve, I personally think you are the best in the Industry, and I recommend you every chance I have the opportunity to do so. You bring the Brilliance to the Industry.

  • John Gonzalez left ebay years ago Steve.  

This reply was deleted.