Looks like Roger Epperson is back in the news once again.  For years several in the hobby have been warning collectors about Roger Epperson and his incompetence of authenticating musical autographs.  He was forbidden to exhibit at several autograph shows around the United States after refusing to work with collectors who purchased from him and found their items to not be authentic.  It took several years to get him to admit, in writing, that he was purchasing musical autographs from a forger in Texas. So much for understanding genuine musical autographs.

An autograph organization warned their members not to purchase any autograph that came with an Epperson "Real" COA. This was way back in 2009. See below.



Roger Eppersons sidekick and leader of the dark side of autograph collecting is Steve Cyrkin.  Cyrkin is the fellow who ruined Autograph Magazine. The magazine was the monthly autograph bible until taken over by Cyrkin who claimed he was removing all the fake autographs from his inventory.  Embarrassing, he was also offering non-genuine autograph as gifts for those who answered correctly questions posted in the magazine.  The magazine failed soon after a several page article was published by Cyrkin of a guitar whcih contained over 2 dozen  musical autographs.  Within seconds of receiving the magazine Todd Mueller an autograph dealer advised Cyrkin all the signatureS on the guitar were forgeries.

We have been advised by a good source that a well known collector who purchased musical items from a high profile northeast autograph auction that an item he won at the auction that came with an Epperson COA was not authentic.  Be advised, response from the auction house was totally unacceptable. The buyer who has spent $30,000 with  this auction house will not get a refund.  It was suggested that the buyer put the item in a future  auction!  

This collector put some of the items he purchased on eBay that came with a Epperson "REAL" COA.  Some of the items with the "REAL" COA were taken down by eBay as counterfeit.  On other items on eBay with a "REAL" COA, collectors were sending hate mail to the person listing the items on eBay.  They say he should have known that COA's from REAL" are pretty much rejected by those in the hobby that are familiar with musical autographs.  This seller of autographs finds he cannot sell anything that comes with a COA from Epperson and his outfit 'REAL."  This seller has decided to take everything down from eBay that comes with an Epperson COA. His answer to this problem is to take everything in his inventory that has a Epperson COA and send the items to Todd Mueller for authentication. This should settle what is genuine or not!

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