Mike Frost who also goes by the name of Michael Feigenbaum (taken from court records) who also used the name Dr. Frost until he was investigated by a medical department in Florida.  He said someone else made up the cards however anyone who had been to his shop, hot dog stand, used clothing, dance floor, and authentication service in Florida saw those cards on his front counter for years.  A total fraud just trying to look important.  The fraud continues even today as he tries to pass himself as an autograph authenticator.  Proof is in the results of mis authenticating a plethoria of  sophomoric mistakes. He is also partners with another in the con of creating a false story about the signing of photographs of Tarzan's monkey. The real monkey died years before he found a monkey handler to go along with the fraud. After many requests he still will not respond with the truth of the missing $50,000 taken from the IACC/DA treasury while he was treasurer of the club.  Clearing up this theft would be easy just by opening up the club check book to those who want that theft settled.  It is well known that Mike Frost is the major forger of Mickey Mantle autographs, especially on baseballs. As for his authenticating sevice you can do what he does and save the $3 he charges friends and look up a similar item on ebay and see if it matches, even to an untrained eye like Frosts.

As for Steve Grad, simply watch a few epiodes of Pawn Stars and see what Grad's mistakes have caused the shop to loose thousands of dollare.  Even under oath in a Court  of Law , Grad said "I don't recall" when asked if he is the Steve Grad that was removed from a major Chicago sports convention because he was walking around with a shopping cart and was attempting to sell autograph forgeries to the dealers who had tables at the show.

Just one of the things Frost and Grad can't do is authenticate signatures of Michael Jackson.  Why Frost would even attempt is unexplainable except just to take the submission fees and simply say it's just my opinion.  Sticking with corruption, Grad did pass some of the MJ anniversary covers UNTIL he found out the source  of the covers.  The source was a major professional autograph dealer who would never use Grad as a authenticator.  As the story goes, you don't use me so I'll break your windows. All future covers submitted by collectors of these covers were turned down by Grad.

A little education for those interested in Michael Jackson's autograph and how it evolved.




What better source to find a genuine autograph than on a Passport?  On the left is Jackson's signature dated 1988. On the right is his signature from 1993, five years later. The signature on the right is basically the same signature found on the anniversary covers.  I authenticated over 100 of these covers not two years ago.  Many of them have found there way into collecttions around the world.


Illustrations courtesy of Rob Swinson, Maker of DREAMS, personal friend of Michael Jackson who also helped build The Neverland Park,

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