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George Harrison real or fake???


A while back I decided to give Mike Frost from P.A.A.S. a chance to authenticate a few of my Beatles autographs. He was significantly cheaper than many of the other authenticators and I had seen his EBay auction several times. I decided to send him this mid 70's Harrison autograph which, in my opinion, is pretty cut and dry a genuine autograph. To my disbelief he responded saying that autograph was in fact NOT authentic! Along with this signature I sent him others as well which he deemed as not genuine. I felt terrible knowing that these were real, and I was just taken for my money to the tune of $400.00+ dollars. After I received the signatures I did the only thing one could do. I mailed them off to Frank Caiazzo for a true authentication. As expected, the autograph was indeed authentic. I felt a little more vindication when I found out that his authentication services were pulled from EBay. BUT! I just ran across another one of his ebay auctions trying to lure unknowing patrons to use his services for Beatles autographs! I was as you can imagine quite peeved. In my opinion, I would stay as far away from a Mike Frost PAAS Beatles authentication as possible. It is my belief that he has no clue what is real and what is not and I would advise to save your money and go with someone more reputable in this business. Take a look at the example for yourself and you be the judge!!!



Feb 24, 2016  Trendon of Tucson, AZ Professional Autograph Authentication Service - Refused acknowledgement of payment and refund On February 3rd 2016, I paid 55.00 dollars in good faith to PAAS in Florida. I have made multiple attempts to contact this business to request a refund of my money. I did not get any contact until 2/24/2016. The individual from PAAS claiming this is the first time they heard of a refund. I never sent the item to be authenticated, and I cancelled the shipping label to mail the item to them. I have tried to call PAAS and contact them by e-mail. I am unemployed, and I made a mistake in requesting their services. I paid this money in hopes of getting an autographed picture authenticated, that I may sell the item on e-bay and make some money to live on. I am getting screwed by pay-pal, and e-bay, and now apparently by PAAS. I am not like these big time businesses. The 55.00 was the last from my 2016 income tax refund. Thanks to thieves like these big name businesses, I am flat broke and in debt. Comment  0  0



Man, who served time for child porn convicted again for the same crime
Michael Frost had already served time in federal prison for possession of child porn. Prosecutors said he clearly didn't learn his lesson.
Author: Adrianne M Haney
Published: 11:15 PM EDT October 24, 2019
Updated: 1:09 AM EDT October 25, 2019
ATLANTA — A man who had already been convicted and served time for having child porn has been sentenced again - for the exact same crime.

Federal prosecutors announced Michael Frost, 49, was sentenced again for possessing child pornography, including images of children as young as seven.

According to prosecutors, investigators were led to Frost while they were conducting an undercover operation on the dark web, an "area on the Internet where illegal content is uploaded and shared."

Investigators said they spotted an IP address that had downloaded child pornography connected to a Cumming, Georgia home. Investigators went to the home to interview the residents there; they said they were not the ones who downloaded the explicit images, but they pointed them to someone else - Frost.

The residents told agents Frost would come over to the home often and use his personal laptop to use the Internet.



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Seem to be a new authentication company, anybody know anything about them?

they had a real nice Wentz mini helmet autographed, and the seller showed a picture of the Hidden Treasurers box, thought it came from there, but Wentz isn't on the checklist.

Says it was certified by PAAS.

any clues?

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PAAS has been listed by eBay as a "At your own risk" authentication company and there are a number of reviews basically saying the guy, Mike Frost, takes money and hands out COAs. If you look up sold items with PAAS COAs it looks like many of the items sell for well below what they should.

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Originally Posted by Aquagolf70 

I looked at a couple more minis autographed by him and authenticated by PAAS. They look bad. 

Wentz i


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