P.A.A.S. Professional Autograph Authentication Services takes over the Autograph Planet


Nov. 23,2020


 Mike Frost President of P.A.A.S. confirms the purchase and closing of the negative fake news website Autographplanet.com

 (ProNewsReport Editorial):- Hollywood, May 21, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – P.A.A.S. Autograph Authentication Voted #1 by Autograph Planet. The Autograph Planet has voted hands down that P.A.A.S. “Professional Autograph Authentication Services Inc.” is the best and most reliable of all autograph authentication companies. Michael Frost head autograph authenticator has impeccable credentials above all others. He has been studying autograph authentication and handwriting analysis and serving the autograph community for over 33 years. For documented , proven information on P.A.A.S. and   Michael Frost/Dr. Frost and Michael Feigenbaum please visit  www.theautographplanet.com

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How dumb does the coward and sewer rat Mike Frost/ Dr. Frost and Michael Feigenbaum (all the same boy) think autograph collectors are?   P.A.A.S. and now a site autographplanet.com are the same. They are solely owned by Frost.  So here he is on the above email trying to fool you with another con job.  “Autograph Planet (owned and one person operation by Mike Frost) voted (he alone voted) hands down that P.A.A.S. (also solely owned by Frost) is the best and most reliable of all autograph authentication companies.  Michael Frost head (and only) autograph authenticator has impeccable credentials above all others."

Now you can witness the fraud stated above by Frost’s own hand. He, one person owning both autographplanet and P.A.A.S. votes himself #1 and is dumb enough to think this will fool even one person in the hobby.  There’s good reasons why his COA’s were removed from eBay and not accepted by all the professional autograph dealer members of P.A.D.A.H.

In the meantime Frost found two places on the internet where he can offer his own forgeries together with his P.A.A.S. certificates.  Details on this new scam will be released soon with dozens of illustrations.

To prove how ignorant Mike Frost is at authenticating autographs another future story will prove 100% that Frost is incapable of authenticating signatures.  A sophomoric example to be found on his own web site is screaming incompetence.

When investing in an autograph, the P.A.A.S. logo on a COA is the last thing you ever want to see.

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