The name of this treasure trove of autograph information and illustrations is Signed By World Leaders.

The authors, Dr. Marian and Eva Dorina Marian are no strangers to the International autograph community. They are members of the well established International autograph club based in Germany. They attend many of the clubs meetings/events. 

This collection of items signed by world leaders is a lifetimes work and the authors are proud to share their information with the world of autograph collectors.


This book of historical treasures is hard bound, contains a whopping 320 pages and hundreds of illustrations both in black and white and in color. The book is magazine size and priced at US $60.00.   

For more information or to order a signed or inscribed copy, email   

Subjects covered: Ruling Pairs, The Presidents of the Republic, First Ladies, Prime Ministers, and Party Leaders.  Ninety-five percent of the 3,000 piece collection is made up of such individuals.




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