Bobby Livingston <> Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 12:40 PM
To: Steve Cyrkin <>
My initial reaction is you should distance yourself from Mike Frost and this "statement":

1. Mike Frost will do and say anything. He is an outcast and should be ignored.

2. Mike Frost appears to be the anti­semite here and you should request that he give money and be photographed and counseled by a Chabad Rabbi about his
perception of Jews.

3. If you are going to acknowledge this apology than Mike Frost should post his apology in coordination with his local ADL

4. Mike Frost's justification of dealing with Gladstone is repugnant.

5. This is a ridiculous statement: Todd Mueller and I have worked very hard and spent hours hoping that we could establish some type of agreement between the two camps.

I believe that this is the real motivation for the apology is he is desperate because of the ebay banning and his total loss of credibility.

There are NOT "two camps!!!!"

There are "honest, ethical dealers" and "forgers and their friends". Mike Frost continues to support the forgery industry, just look at the members of his website.
I recommend that you do not allow this to become a platform of legitimizing Mike Frost, but instead fuel a discussion on hateful speech and anti­semitism only.

Any positive statement from you will be used against you in the future, this I guarantee.

If you can get him to to work with Jewish organizations, you should demand it.

Regardless, RR and myself want nothing to do with Frost.

Bobby Livingston
VP, Sales and Marketing
RR Auction
603 732 4280

Just one more company that does not want anything to do with Mike Frost and his corrup PAAS Professional Autograph Authenticating Service and his $3 authentications!

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