Mickey Mantle FORGERIES Attributed to Mike Frost of PAAS

I have written about this subject almost 20 years ago, but the problem still keeps popping up.  It certainly appears an update is needed

Hundreds of baseballs that were produced with filthy inscriptions supposedly written and signed by Mickey Mantle are still being offered, as genuine, continue to appear in the hobby.

I personally witnessed the huge assortment of baseballs in a collectible store in Hollywood, Florida owned by a fellow who goes by the name of Mike Frost.  He also goes by the name of Dr. Frost which is a 100% scam.


These cards were for the taking for years, on top of the main showcase next to the cash register.  During an investigation, Frost claimed those were not his cards and were made by someone else.  Con number one.

Another con discovered is the real name of Mike Frost.  Several lawsuits filed against him has his name listed as Michael Fiegenbaum.  

I visited his shop many dozens of times.  I consigned collectible items over the years. The shop had for sale used women’s clothing, autographs, used toys and Frost even sold hot dogs and soda.  When he closed his shop, he kept all the consigned items.  He said in writing that all the items he was selling for me were fake.


                                At the end of the day, Frost eating his unsold hot dogs


                                                             Mike Frost Authentication as "PAAS"

I had access to the entire store including the back room where he attempted to authenticate autographs. He did so and still operates as “PAAS” at a different location.  On many occasions I watched him go to eBay to see if the item he was authenticating matched anything on eBay.  He had no other means of reference.  This is the main reason why so many of the PASS certifications are wrong.  This is just one reason why anything on eBay that came with a “PAAS” certification was removed by eBay.

On one occasion, in the backroom, Frost opened an exceptionally large grey metal, two door cabinet. I remember it having three shelves, each full of baseballs. Each ball in a protective plastic cover and each having a filthy sentiment and signature that appeared to be signed by Mickey Mantle.  Frost was obviously showing off this large collection with pride.  I knew for a fact that Mantle never entered this shop.  Being such unusual items denigrating famous members of the Baseball Hall of Fame, if genuine it was apparent these balls had value.  I asked Frost if he would sell one ball to me. He claimed he “could not sell any until Mantle is dead.”

It was well known in the sports collectible hobby that Frost signed Mickey Mantle’s signature on items with ease.  I did not know a person in the industry who could tell a genuine signature of Mickey Mantle from a Frost production.   However, a red flag appeared as to why he would not sell a ball that day.  Of course, Mantle would deny he ever wrote on and signed any of those balls.

Hopefully, with this article in hand, many of you will be able to detect a Frost Mantle forgery from a genuine Mantle signature.

Vintage signatures of Mickey Mantle are quite different from those he signed before joining the show circuit.  He attended numerous shows around the country and wherever Mantle was to be, the autograph ticket sales were sold out. 

The following six baseball all bear genuine signatures of Mickey Mantle.


Take notice of the consistency in all six signatures. Ignore the pen hitting ball in number six between the “e” and the “y.” Pay attention to the overall appearance, on all the balls, then focus on individual letters. Check for the shape of the letters, and the size of each letter to the next. The angle, the spacing, and the speed of the pen is noteworthy.  Just one example is looking at the “M” in Mickey.  It is quite noticeable to see the first part, top loop of the “M” is much higher than the second top loop of the “M.”  These are the type of fine points to look for when examining any signature.  To keep you going, look at the “an” in Mantle. Notice how these letters drop down or are lower, from the “M” in Mantle.  There are so many things to look at in each letter, even the way he crosses his “t.”  Pretty much straight across and most slightly starting low, gaining a little height, and dropping down.  There are many other points to look at as each letter tells its own story.  The “c” in Mickey is usually slightly above the “i.”  The “t” in Mantle is closed with the up and down stroke.  The quarter looking moon of the “M’s” usually drop well down below the signature.

Now that you have a general picture in your head of what a genuine Mickey Mantle signature will look like, let’s take a moment if it needs that much time to examine a Mickey Mantle ball attributed to the hand of Mike Frost.


 Look at the “M” in Monroe.  Basically, you can draw a straight line over the top of the “M.”  Did you miss the fact that when Mantle usually writes something on a ball he does so in script?  Moving along, let us drop down to the signature. Look where the quarter moons are, just touching the bottom of the “M’s”.  The “i” in Mickey starts with a small loop and ends as a skyscraper.  The top of the “K’ is in outer space.  The “a” in Mantle is larger than the “M.”  The “t” has a loop and is crossed the way a mouth appears on a Smiley face.

There is at minimum, fourteen more points you can discover on your own if you concentrate on the entire signature.

This is simply a very basic introduction to becoming your own expert on autograph authentication. Trust your self and not the Mantle balls that come with COA’s from the so-called third-party authenticators.  Many of the quasi authentiators have certified these exact type balls as genuine. Some inscriptions refer to Joe DiMaggio others to Ted Williams bearing the same nasty comment.

Comments and questions can be sent to  skoschal@aolcom


Major con job taken directly from the PAAS web site, see below


"Unique to the autograph collecting hobby, the Professional Autograph Authentication Service team of experts consists of several of the most respected documented professionals in the industry. The P.A.A.S.  authentication service is unparalleled!

 The P.A.A.S. team also includes many professional autograph associates. Some of the names who are legendary in the trade include: Bobby Amato, Roger Gilchrist, and Neale Lanigan. The team also includes our office staff of Judy Scott and Toni Amato."


 Mike Frost:  A fake name, real name from court records, Michael Feigenbaum

Richard Scott:  Mike’s brother using a different last name. Not in the business

Judy Scott: Does not know her name is here. Wife of Richard Scott

Bobby Amato: Young son of Mike Frost, not in the hobby

Toni Amato: wife of Mike Frost, waitress at Cracker Barrel

Roger Gilchrist: his name used without permission, emailed Frost on many occasions to stop using his name.

Neale Lanigan: a Pastor in Arkansas, repeatedly asked Frost to remove his name multiple times.

The Games PAAS Plays On The Hobby

THE FOLLOWING REPORTS are placed on the internet by family members of Mike Frost. Rich S. is Richard Scott, see above.  Bobby A. is Mike Frost’s young son Bobby Amato, see above.

 Reviews for PAAS - Professional Autograph Authentication Services that are not currently recommended

Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business's overall star rating.

Mike F. (Frost) Hollywood, FL10/31/2019

As good as they get.. Real credentials....


Rich S. (Scott)

Fort Lauderdale, Fl   6/20/2018   Updated review

PAAS is an amazing authentication service. I am telling you they are the best in the business! I have used other authentication services but have never used one as professional and reliable as PAAS. They were easy to communicate with over the phone and were very knowledgeable and helpful with their authentication services. I was very pleased with the work they did for me. I will only use PAAS from now on and i recommend everyone else does the same!


Bobby A.  (Amato) 10/30/2017

Best authentication service I've ever used. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Very professional and good turnaround time.


You read the above correctly, three family members listed above as “the experts” leaving positive comments on the internet.



PAAS is a scam operation, run by a single con man, Mike Frost or whatever name he chooses to go by.

Below are just a sample of REAL voices from the hobby:

 PissedConsumer818059 of Tucson, AZ

PAAS customer service



I did finally get my money back from professional autograph authentication services after filing a police report. The person contacting me lied in another communication stating that I had committed some kind of fraudulent act and that I was some kind of psychopath. I took my concerns to the BBB, and I will never give these people any money for autograph authentication ever again. They are rude and they do not know what they are doing. they thought they could rip me off..... They thought wrong. They were nonprofessional and abusive in the communications I did receive, and they have no real understanding of professional business communications.


Refused acknowledgement of payment and refund

On February 3rd 2016, I paid 55.00 dollars in good faith to PAAS in Florida. I have made multiple attempts to contact this business to request a refund of my money. I did not get any contact until 2/24/2016. The individual from PAAS claiming this is the first time they heard of a refund. I never sent the item to be authenticated, and I cancelled the shipping label to mail the item to them. I have tried to call PAAS and contact them by e-mail. I am unemployed, and I made a mistake in requesting their services. I paid this money in hopes of getting an autographed picture authenticated, that I may sell the item on e-bay and make some money to live on. I am getting screwed by pay-pal, and e-bay, and now apparently by PAAS. I am not like these big time businesses. The 55.00 was the last from my 2016 income tax refund. Thanks to thieves like these big name businesses, I am flat broke and in debt.




Mike Frost of P.A.A.S. Spews More Lies Landing himself into Further Trouble Mike Frost of P.A.A.S. a company that once authenticated autographs with genuine experts has attempted to reinvent itself since two of the three partners dissolved their authenticating relationship with Mike Frost and the company…. Frost, who has experienced financial difficulty for quite some time, claims P.A.A.S. has two offices. One is in his new apartment since he has lost his home. The other ANL has discovered is now an abandoned store full of rubble. This is the same store Frost was selling hot dogs and used women’s clothing among other discarded items from. This peddler, worked out of a store once named The Show Emporium. Those calling Frost on the phone about autographs would sometimes be put on hold while Frost needed to attend to the sale of a $2 hot dog. Recently, it has come to our attention that while processors were trying to serve Mike Frost/P.A.A.S. several lawsuits for his lies about others they came upon this abandoned store, once the headquarters of Mike Frost/P.A.A.S. According to Mike Frosts this location is still being used by him. What was found by those trying to serve Mike Frost was a building full or rubble, which was once, the Show Emporium, P.A.A.S. Headquarters. The dance floor has been totally torn up and destroyed along with a small room Frost used for his computer authentication reference center  never update his website. As proof, half those listed as autograph experts have requested to have their names removed for over three years  Enough said It is believed if you still want to meet Mike Frost for authentication purposes, it is highly suggested you leave your autographs with him in a public place, with witnesses.  ANL cannot find a single autograph dealer or auction house who uses P.A.A.S. The last one to do so was Pristine Auctions who will no longer even accept a P.A.A.S. certificate. What ANL did find, in our investigation is that most dealers won’t even accept a P.A.A.S. guess as a reason to give a refund. Frost downfall, was his loss of two autograph expert business partners. In addition eBay’s email to Frost removing all autographs on eBay that came with a P.A.A.S. cert is difficult to swallow. In ANL’s quest to discover, Frost claims business is better then ever. We discovered a professional dealer in Kansas who at one time used P.A.A.S. exclusively. The dealers entire inventory was removed from eBay causing them to completely go out of business. Not to mention the high cost spent on authenticating and receiving worthless COA’s. Mike Frost now a desperate individual is trashing all those who at one time felt sorry for him and used his service. Now Mike Frost who has extremely limited abilities in authenticating is on his own. Looking at sellers inventory and giving free guesses as to the authenticity of their items. Fortunately for the hobby, Mike Frost guesses fall on deaf ears as basically no one accepts his hurtful attacks on their inventory. There is much, much more to the Mike Frost story of attempted fraud. We presently find Mike Frost is being investigated by more than one agency.  .


PAAS Certified Autographs Removed From eBay  


eBay has removed virtually all autograph listings with PAAS (Professional Autograph Authentication Service) COAs, apparently due to authenticity concerns.

It is estimated that approximately 800 listings were wiped out, and less than a dozen remained. eBay sellers reported that all of their PAAS autographs were removed except those also certified by other third-party authenticators. Sellers were told they would face possible suspension if they attempted to list them again.

While there has been no official statement by eBay, Michael Frost, PAAS's president and authenticator, acknowledged eBay's actions when I asked by email, but would not say why, suggesting we contact eBay. However he denied it was due to authenticity concerns.

However, emails from eBay provided to us by recipients contradict that.:

Why were the listings for my autographed items ended?
- We received reports regarding the authenticity of the autographs in your listings. Please be aware that we regularly receive such reports from rights owners, law enforcement officials and members of the eBay community. These reports were not the determining factor for why your listings were removed but they were taken into consideration.

In the past, blanket removal of a company's COA by eBay has been followed within a few months by an official listing on eBay's banned COA list. More on this situation as it develops.


Report: #972238

Complaint Review: P.A.A.S. / Mike Frost The Worst Authenticator 

I hope this complaint helps just one person from going through what I did with this company.

I have no one to blame but myself for getting involved with P.A.A.S and its deficient guru Mike Frost. There’s an old saying in this hobby that you get what you pay for.  I can tell everyone, I didn’t get close to that, all I got was grief and ripped off. I have used other authenticators and was not happy with any of them. I was looking to try someone new and ultimately experienced what it is like to be in the bottom of the barrel. An authenticating HELL! I contacted PAAS/Mike Frost to have some items authenticated. By far his prices was the cheapest of all authenticators. That alone should have told me something. I did not do my homework.  What I have discovered since about PAAS is simply unbelievable.  How this company still exists is beyond my comprehension? Possibly they just survive hoping to find a new customer like me. PAAS has a decent looking web site, filled with names of those who appear to work for the company. I now find out from others in the hobby that those are all his family. His brother, his wife, his kid and so forth, all family members and all using different last names. Again, that should have told me something. I have also discovered others whose names are being used. From what I now learned; they have never seen an autograph from Frost. Most of them have asked multiple times to have their names removed from the PAAS web site.  Frost has refused. Don't be fooled like me, PASS/Mike Frost is a one-person operation. My experience with him is that he is not capable of authenticating autographs. Not even close now that I find out about his mistakes where others are exposing him on the Internet.  Items I purchased from reputable dealers were turned down as not authentic and items I actually got in person were also turned down.  Trying to get a refund, one dealer I purchased my item from would not accept a COA from PAAS/Frost. To justify this, the dealer also told me that I may find many others that won’t accept his COA.  I found this out to be true. My next problem with PAAS/Mike Frost was the time it took to get my items back. Not the few days as was promised by more than a few weeks.  Trying to get hold of PAAS/Frost was a major problem and at one point I was concerned about getting my items back. 

To make it worse after spending hundreds of dollars Mike Frost's COA's were kicked off eBay and all my listing's disappeared.  Frost bragged about helping eBay out with Whitney Houston and then they kicked him off.  Some relationship he had with eBay.  Why didn’t I know this before I dealt with PAAS/Frost?  Why didn’t I ask around the hobby to learn about PAAS/Mike Frosts reputation? Getting Frost back on the phone once he finds out you are unhappy is almost impossible. He must have caller ID.  The only way to trick him into answering his phone is to call from a different number. When he answers and finds out who it is, he hangs up on you. In my opinion, Frost is truly the bottom of the barrel compared to all the other authenticators.  I would like to sign my name to this but was told Frost has a friend who is associated with eBay. I am told he has the capability of having items I sell on Bay removed by stating they are not genuine.  What a fun hobby!

 Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on P.A.A.S. / Mike Frost The Worst Authenticator

 Matt B.

Worcester, United States

I've never seen a company with worse authenticated autographs. All you people leaving positive feedback are hurting the business. Google Michael frost and see his passed examples. There is a reason he is banned from eBay. I sent him a known forgery and he authenticated a forgery . Shows you how "true to his word" he is. Go on Facebook and look on any authentication page, He's shit on every day.


Taylor S.

Sacramento, United States

 Update: (PAAS) THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM. They aren’t even recognized on eBay as a legitimate authenticator anymore. After emailing them 3 times and finally threatening to contact the police, I got an email saying "This is the 1st message or notice ever received from you.. I have no idea what your issues are or why you have never submitted your item for examination". Mind you, this email is attached to a thread of 6 other emails I sent, so there is absolutely no way that could have been the first email they got. They basically skirted around the fact that I'm asking for a refund. Now I have to go through the police to get my money back. Wish I had never given money to them. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE


I paid for this service and nothing happened. No message explaining how to get my autograph authenticated or anything like that. So I ended up using another company to authenticate my autograph, and two days later I finally get an email from these guys explaining how to get my autograph verified. I asked to cancel my order since I did not use their service. It's been a month, still haven't heard back. They basically stole my money. As someone who works in customer service, I'm incredibly disappointed in their lack thereof. I should have googled this company BEFORE I gave them my money.




The Following Reviews Were Removed From The Internet Because of Very Bad and Strong Language From Customers of PAAS.

  • Matt B.
  • Worcester, MA


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    • Brian L.
    • Highland, IN
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  • Anthony D.
  • Hollywood, FL
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