Herman Darvick known by many in the autograph hobby as "Autograph Badboy" for years has screwed uneducated collectors and even celebrities. Recently one collector for some unknown reason consigned some valuable material to Herman darvick. As expected by those in the know, the collector after many requests has not been paid.   SURPRISE, NO.  EXPECTED!  More details on this later.

Bet you didn't know?  There's no end to who Darvick will rip off.  Are you aware of the horrific incident involving Herman Darvick and Johnny Carson.   The  Tonight Shows three guest books were always in the Green Room. The books contained over 400 signatures of celebrities including Paul Newman and Woody Allen.   The books were from the periods of Sept. 4, 1963 through March 29, 1965.  These books were for use of the celebrities to sign their name while they waited to be called on stage. An NBC spokesperson said the 3 books was Johnny Carson's personal property and have been misssing for years. Someone, only known by slezzy Darvick took these 3 books on consignment and to be sold. Darvick estimated the value of the books in excess of $10,000.

Johnny Carson had asked Darvick for their return but as expected that would never happen. Darvick has done many similar things for much less.  Not surprisingly, Herman Darvick and others who have sold numerous forgeries is supported by  Steve Cyrkin of the fledging Autograph Magazine. He ruined the once respectable magazine and now runs the web site.  


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