I know that I should't go outside the PADAH members to purchase an autograph but I found this Gerald R. Ford signature that is dated and this is the type of presidential signatures I like to have in my collection.  A signature with a date or one extra word to help prove the item is genuine. Can someone here just make me feel secure about this item.  Thanks in advance members of Autograph Planet.8730323657?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • This doesn't surprise me. I've looked at Bomsey's web site and saw other things that troubles me but I'm not going to spend time doing his authentication.  The Gerald R. Ford signature on his web site is atrotious.  Bomsey may believe that no one would even think of forging Ford's signature as they are so plentiful and very low priced.  In my opinion, only a very desperate person would forge signatures of Gerald Ford. The only one I know who has done this is Herman Darvick from New York.  Darvick's Ford is much closer to being accurate that the one being offered by Bomsey.  I cannot understand how Bomsey's Ford would even fool a novice. It is just out right terrible! I wrote an educational autograph study of Ford's signature habits back in 1998 and is now in its 3rd printing. I have no record of Edward Bomsey odering a copy nor the 13 other autograph studies I have published.  A dealer is only as good as his reference library. Your instincts are right, you should stick to the autograph professioanls who are members of PADAH (Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses.

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