Another collector who is self educated..............
A collector who just purchaed an autograph from a Member of PADAH, just made a terrible mistake. He went to Beckett for a second opinion.  The big mistake was telling Beckett to go to the professional dealers website to look at the autograph.
By now, we all should have learned that if something is sold by some members of PADAH, Becketts RULE IS TO NOT PASS ANYTHING. The gospel stated by no other than Stev Grad of Pawn Stars fame.  He cost Pawn Stars  many thousand of dollars because of his inexperienced opinions by mis-authenticating autographs.  Yet, there is so much more that's not attractive about his history of mis-authenticating autographs.
The following is part of an exchange of emails from the buyer to the seller/
"....Yeah i dont really wish to deal with them (Beckett) again, i have only submited 2 things to beckett. First was “unable to render opinion” an 2nd (which was the..... (autograph identity removed) was deemed “unlikely to be authentic” within the matter of about 10 mins which i found alil weird, they came to a conclusion within like 10 mins, weird to me, would have expected a longer look. Thanks for the quick response, appreciate it.
~Devin, New York
(Just maybe Grad and his co-horts know they are unable to authenticte autograpshs and this may be their new respnse while still collecting a fee).

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