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Thousands of articles on autographs have been written in trade magazines. Many are on the subject of Autopen, secretarial and preprinted signatures.  Personally, I have written hundreds of articles on these subjects and thirteen books as well.

Most interesting, of all the educational reference books I have published, very few have been ordered by those who sell autographs.   The volume of reference books ordered are by collectors. It is my opinion that many collectors are more informed than sellers of autographs. Writing a  article such as this when a specific item has been covered before tells me sellers of autographs don’t do much research.  Not a single one of the 13 reference books has been ordered by any of the high profile companies that claim they authenticate autographs.  This could be just one reason why they make so many mistakes, for a fee.


This specific item I am going to tackle once again is shocking to me as I would have though everyone who collects, sells presidential autographs should be aware of the following information from past sources.  The subject is Lyndon B. Johnson’s secretary.

This fellow’s imitation of LBJ’s signature, sentiment and signature, presentation inscription and signature is most commonly found in the book by William S. White  The Professional: Lyndon B. Johnson. Very rarely is a copy of this book to be found bearing a genuine signature or presentation inscription signed by Lyndon B. Johnson.

See two illustrations below of rare genuine examples from my own inventory.




LBJ’s secretary is said to be named Bruce Thomas. He spent much time signing these books and photographs mostly with a three-word sentiment and a signature. He tried to make his imitations look like one that could have been done by Lyndon B. Johnson.  These secretarial items are still fooling sellers of autographs. See several examples illustrated below.




                                                                     Offered by Heritage Auctions





                                                              Several offered by Nate Sanders Auctions



                           Quite often they can be found on eBay, this one selling for $550.00. This one has 8 watchers.




                                       Occasionally some of these books come with an impressive letter




                                                                This seller calling it aa Autopen example.



                                                Here’s a description,  pre-certified without even seeing the item.



                                                                  Rare book dealers have them.




                                                                    Auction Houses have them



                                                                   Signed book blogs have them too.


Because  many sellers of autographs do little or no research,  it wouldn’t surprise me if in the near future we see one of these secretarial signed books being offered as genuine.

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