Who can't see through this?  Several true autograph experts in the field of Basball have examined the following generic portion of a document.  This kind of document can be found by the hundreds at any paper show.  In volume, documents like this are purchased by immoral people who can use these unsigned documents, cut off the bottom and sign whatever name they feel can yield the most dollars.  Now all they have to do, at a fair price is attract a dealer to purchase the apocryphyl signed piece. This is done often and proven here once again.  This piece of garbage was sold in 2007 by a high profile sports autograph dealer, Kevin Keating, in Virginia.  Proudly, the forgery, accompanied his certificate of authentation as being genuine.  How hard do you think it was to get a company he authenticated for to rubber stamp his certificate with one of their own. PSA/DNA did such a thing. Other so-called authenticators soon followed. It appears incompetent authenticators prefer to cover each others back.  What we end up with is a phony partial document signed by a forger and appearing in auction with an estimate of $15,000 to $25,000.

 Besides the awfull  overall appearance of this signature, experts can point to at a minimum of six places where the signature clearly appears to be a forgery. To add to this inexcusable expensive tragedy, this particular style signature has been clearly explained in detail, in a book on Baseball Hall of Fame Autographs. It explains with just two points why the signature is a known forgery.

The auction house has been advised on this mistake/scam on October 31, 2020. 

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Description: Exceedingly rare Mike "King" Kelly autograph. Invitation to a February 5, 1892 "Social" is printed on heavy stock (approx. 1.5"x4.75") and signed "M.J. Kelly" in period ink rating 8/9 out of 10. The piece has some expected light toning and a touch of wear including a few surface wrinkles which are visible upon close inspection and do not detract from the overall eye appeal. Kelly was one of the pre-eminent players of the late 19th Century helping to popularize the game of baseball as one of its' biggest drawing cards. He claimed a pair of batting titles in the 1880s and lead (6) Chicago White Stockings teams to National League Championship. Alongside Cap Anson he worked to formulate many innovative strategies which remain in widespread use to this day. An exceptional rarity with the offered example being the first which we can recall handling and it is one of perhaps a dozen known. Includes full LOAs from PSA/DNA and JSA and 2007 dated LOA from Keavin Keating: Sig. NM
Estimated Price Range: ($15,000-$25,000)


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