The scam of authenticating autographs by the ABC companies who claim they can authenticte autographs is being hit hard.  With all the documented proof of thousands and thousands of mis-authenticated autographs by these type companies, this has to be addressed and it is!

Many of our readers have seen the horrific mistakes made by these self proclaimed exoerts.  Pawn Stars is one of the most watched programs where more than one of these foolish experts have made horrible  mistakes. This caused the owners of Pawn Stars to loose thousands of dollars.  How about tv news coverage where the owner of a ABC type company made a very embarrasing mistake authenticating a signed baseball that was forged in the parking lot in the TV truck an hour before. Same person created 1,000 certificates for  a Muhammad Ali poster that was signed for Ali by his ex-wife. There's so much more.

Another one of these so-called experts is a forger himself and basicaaly sells Certs to other forgers making their items authentic for only a few bucks apiece. This material can be found on sales sights where collectors of autographs may not usually locate on the internet.

Professional autgrah dealers who have a major high profile existance in the hobby have had enough of the authenticating scams.

A formal letter was recently writtten to one of the high profile ABC type companies. The letter is copied below, eliminating the names of the two dealers for their personal protection.  The same type letter can be used by any dealer who feels they have been harmed by these wannabe authenticating companies

Autogarph collectors be advised that nerly 75 autograph dealers no longer have to respond to anyone complaning their item was rejected by one of these authenticating comapnaies.  Why pay for a document which is NOT legal and just someones unexperienced OPINION with little or nothing to back it up.

As a judge once said in court, even an idot has the right to an opinion.  

If you want to pay for it, your mistake!



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