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Koschal, Stephen. Collecting Signatures of Presidents of the United States on Baseball.   2012, First Edition, with comments by former President Jimmy Carter. One hundred and forty pages, heavily illustrated. This book provides information about baseballs signed by presidents of the United States that will be found nowhere else. Beginning with Theodore Roosevelt and ending with Barack Obama. No collector or dealer should purchase a baseball signed by a U.S. President before reading this book. A must book for the shelf of every one who authenticates autographs. Invaluable information is published for the first time that can save a potential collector many thousands of dollars. Each section is illustrated with most specimens from the author's personal library which is almost 50 years in the making. Shocking information in this book has already sent shock waves throughout the autograph industry and has caught the eye of law enforcement. Signed or inscribed and signed copies upon request.





In Death We Did Part by Patricia A. Claren. 2012, one hundred sixty pages, heavily illustrated.  Hobby's latest reference book containing facsimile's of dozens of scarce to rare signatures from Beethoven to Nostradamus. The author has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world visiting the graves of the famous. Each grave photo is an original taken by the author. Each celebrity listed also has a facsimile of their genuine signature along with an interesting full page biography.

The author was a registered Nurse for 30 years working in emergency rooms. She developed an interest in death investigation while working in the Emergency Department of mountainside Hospital in Montclair, New Jersey. Along with her mentor, Virginia Lynch, the first president of the International Association of Forensic nursing, Pat was a pioneer in the field of forensic nursing. She became the first Nurse Investigator for the county of Essex and the State of New Jersey under the supervision of Dr. Robert Goode.

Her friend, Wilma Mankiller, Chief of the Cherokee Nation called Pat Claren "a healer." After moving to Miami, Florida, she became a Certified Forensic Nurse and had the opportunity to work with President Jimmy Carter and the legendary Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joseph H. Davis and Dr. Bruce Hyma at the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner's Department. She also befriended her colleague, Dr. Joshua Perper, pathologist on the Anna Nicole Smith case.

Pat Claren also became an autograph dealer issuing her first catalog in 1985. Retirement from the hospital setting has given her the favorable time to travel extensively throughout the world with a focus on visiting well known cities and celebrity graves. This book is a fascinating read and the graves visited cover all fields of collecting including literary figures, inventors, business leaders, Presidents, gangsters, Supreme Court, western celebrities, music, dance, medical, Hollywood, religion and more. Signed or inscribed copies upon request.


Garfield BookKOSCHAL, Stephen. James A. Garfield A Signature Study With A Focus On His Presidential Signatures. First Edition, signed, limited to only 50 numbered copies. Ninety-two pages, heavily illustrated. Learn erroneous information about Garfield's signature that has been written in autograph publications. See multiple examples of secretarial signatures of Garfield, authenticated "as genuine" by an authenticator who is on the staff of a high profile authenticating company. Illustrated are secretarial examples of Garfield that have been sold by a high profile New England autograph auction house. Don't spend a dollar for a James A. Garfield signature until you read this educational study.
Koschal, Stephen. Collecting Books & Pamphlets Signed by the Presidents of the United States. 1982, Hardcover with dust jacket, First Edition, Limited to 500 numbered copies. Heavily illustrated...Out of Print



Koschal, Stephen and Todd Mueller. The Concise Signature Study of Tiger Woods. illustrated.


2006.Koschal, Stephen. The American Antiquarian, A Quarterly Journal devoted to the interests of Collectors of Autographs, The First Ten Issues. (1870)

Koschal, Stephen. Gerald R. Ford, Concise Autograph Study. March 2006, Third Printing, heavily illustrated.

Koschal, Stephen and Lynne E. Keyes, David Ter Molen. Robert F. Kennedy, Concise Autograph Study. 1999, Limited to 500 numbered copies signed by all three authors. Heavily illustrated.

Koschal, Stephen and Lynne Keyes. The History of Collecting Executive Mansion, White House and The White House cards Signed by the Presidents and their First Ladies. 2006, Second U.S. Edition, Limited to 150 copies numbered and signed by both authors. 144 pages.






Koschal, Stephen and Patricia Claren, Ron Wertz. Ronald Reagan and Nelle Reagan Autograph Mystery Uncovered. 2008, Limited to 100 numberd copies signed by all three authors. 72 pages, heavily illustrated.

Koschal, Stephen and Andreas Wiemer. Thomas Jefferson's Invisible Hand. 2007, Limited to 100 numbered copies signed by both authors. 72, pages, illustrated.


Koschal, Stephen and Andreas Wiemer. Presidents of the United States, Autopen Guide. 2009, First Edition, 86 pages, heavily illustrated.


Koschal, Stephen and Shawn Anderson, Markus Brandes. The Collector's Guide to Muhammad AliAutographs. 2009, Limited to 150 numbered copies signed by all three authors. 90 pages, heavily illustrated.