Prosecutors say hundreds of victims bought fake autographs, complete with phony certificates of authenticty on eBay between 2010 and 2015. Clifton Panezich, 30, appeared before a judge in Ohio Mahoning County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday. According to local media reports, he pleaded guilty to aggravated theft, identity fraud, telecommunications fraud, money laundering, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and three counts of forgery with a forfeiture specification.

hopefully, at sentencing it's not a slap on the wrist.  Now, I wonder about those buyers of the fakes.

Panezich pleads guilty

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  • DB, great educational information for readers of Autograph Planet. Thanks for the input.

  • I was traveling this fall and stopped in some "flea markets" and various sports stores along the drive.

    I saw one place that had a bunch of items from STAN's SPORTS.  The man that was selling everything had no idea that what he had was fake.  Each item had the Stan's sports COA and the J. DiMaggio papers.  I tried to tell him about it but he wanted to hear nothing of it.  Showed him the stuff online that the FBI took them down and he didn't care.


    Tons of this crap is out there, heck some still shows up on Ebay from time to time.  You really just have to be careful with what you purchase.

  • very tardy on updating this scammer.  Imagine how much of this junk is still out there. 

    Sports Illustrated

    Clifton Panezich was sentenced to six years in jail in April of 2017.  

    For the past three years, we’ve been following what turned out to be a major sports autograph fraud ring, spearheaded by a former college and semi-pro baseball player from Ohio.  The case, which was prosecuted by the Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office but also involved agents from the FBI, involved the sale of over 27,000 fake items sold on eBay over several years to thousands of victims who spent over $2 million.


    Sports Illustrated Chronicles Rise and Fall of Fake Autograph Ring
    The $2 million fake autograph scam that led to several arrests is now the subject of a full-length "SI True Crime" story in Sports Illustrated.
  • yup, and he wasn't alone.  Can you imagine 25 thousand customers and how much fake garbage.  Are they even aware of it?  Why isn't the ebay account(s) identified  - Some 25,000 customers were defrauded of more than $2 million in the forged professional-athlete autograph scheme on eBay, the online auction site, Desmond said.Several other defendants in this case, which involved autographed balls and pictures, have pleaded guilty and await sentencing.Daniel Martini, 29, of Girard, owner of The Federal bar in downtown Youngstown, pleaded guilty to money laundering.James Serenko, 33, of Austintown; Jason Lenzi, 31, of Columbiana; and Shawn Pelo, 26, of Warren pleaded guilty to engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. Former Minor League Catcher jailed

  • I agree.  All those fake items, 5 years worth are just "out there"!!!  There is no way to get them back.  BIG...BIG...BIG PROBLEM!

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