That Hendrix You Just Purchased Probably isn't Real!

Too profitable and too easy a target for forgers. Authenticators have lost their ability to sort it out. Just like Elvis signatures. Don't be this week's sucker!
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  • Not sure how these 'Milch' signatures are allowed into the marketplace? even if the 't' were crossed does this look at all correct? just sayin'2790536?profile=original

  • Despite the fact that so many others provided approval for this item, wasn't it Schmedford who, acting as a lone wolf, bravely stood up and stated "Nay, I do not believe this item, with its silly 'Milch' to be at all genuine". Wasn't Schmedford the originsl authenticator for the pilot epidodes of Pawn Stars? He declined to continue in the role because he felt it lacked dignity.2790532?profile=original2790556?profile=original2790592?profile=original

  • Miles, get a quick opinion from Herbert Schmedford. He only charges $14 and he is the best in the business. If it is a fake he will let you know, if it is genuine and an exceptional value he'll be sure to buy it out from under you and laugh to himself about how stupid you were to bring such a deal to his attention.

    You are an idiot Miles!
  • Very clean cover and vinyl! seller ssic the graph was applied with some sort of gum adhesive, (horse hoof he said?) ssid it can be removed,2790655?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Here is the one that the UK seller has on ebay, what did we decide?2790540?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • From what I have read, the authenticator who does a lot of these, what he filed on some recent court documents, is that it's up to the people to do their own "due diligence" and that they should know what they are buying before hand themselves.  Can't blame the seller (s) or authenticator (s) of material. 

    (of course that motion was lost but that just goes to show you what and how they think of the buyers of material)

    And getting one to admit they made a mistake...  HA HA!  I don't see that happening any time soon.

  • Yeah I've been keeping up with this story, I have a feeling that guy who authenticated this whole mess is way too much of a punk to ever admit he screwed it up!
  • Was any of this before or after the morning cup of coffee?  

  • During the investigation the Florida expert said that there is "no way the actual actor would be as tall as he appears in the photoshopped group pic" The Florida expert went on to say, "the actor is actually rather short, and trust me, I know short"
  • Didn't one of our members, Prashoot, spend a whole lot of green on a few of theses items? If so, he is a fool who should be ridiculed and ostracized.
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