Beckett launches authentication services

The new company, Beckett Authentication Services, is immediately positioned as a leader in the $500 million authentic autograph industry. Led by Grad and authenticator Brian Sobrero.

BAS is accepting online submissions effective today at the Beckett Authentication Services website.

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  • One has to wonder if Steve Grad was up front with Beckett about his involvement with these on going court cases.  While he is not a "member" of them, there is a chance of it with what is being done in the solo PSA/DNA case(s) that were filed, (as we all know it is PEOPLE not a COMPANY that do the work) and Steve Grad's NAME is on the subpoena's

    Not great PR for a new company getting off the ground to have their main authenticator being involved in lawsuits based off him being caught in lies about his education and work experience.

    OR, maybe people just don't care?

  • Notice how there are no prices for anything.  Also, anybody notice that PSA, Collector's universe didn't do any sort of formal announcement that there were people leaving, others being promoted, etc..etc.  Don't you think that stockholders deserve to know that kind of stuff?  (IF they put faith in any of that anyway)  I don't know the breakdown with them, I would guess, more money is made in the coin division but that is just a guess.  

    How everything went just seems odd.  Had it not been for Planet talking about the stuff going on all summer, I doubt there would have been any writing until this happened and then it would have been a whole bunch of , when did this happen stuff.

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