Is this mantle real?

This is my dad's mantle he got through qvc in the 80 s before his death. I've heard about the fakes anyone know if it's good?
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  • Sorry not authentic, BANANA 🍌M's is the tell all!!

  • wow raider been studying mantles auto and almost every single time the ending of the Y is usually higher than the I in Mickey. I've seen a few that were about the same height but I see what you mean! This one cuts off way short of this.
  • These guys took pride in signing for fans.  I can't remember the athlete my dad met, but when he signed for him, it was kind of sloppy because somebody bumped him as he was signing, and he went and got something else and signed it in addition to whatever the item was. (a baseball or program or something)  When my dad was young they used to go to Minnesota and they would stay in the same hotel as the visiting team, and he and my grandfather would be in the pool and sometimes they would meet some of the players.  He didn't get a lot of things signed, but still, it is kind of neat though.

    All of the "old timers" they took pride in signing their names, that's why you can READ what they put down, and why you can do homework on the signatures.

    You are correct, most real balls don't start with a shaky M!

  • now that you mention it I haven't seen a real ball yet that has a shaky M!
  • yes it really does help thanks raider! I haven't studdied mantle but yeah the start I thought was shakey as well.
  • The start of that first "M" looks bad, starts off slow and shaky.  Also, where the "y" ends and the other "M" starts is way off and on most real/authentic ones they line up as far as starting points.  On this ball it you don't see that.

    If this was offered to me, and I was in the market to buy, I would pass on getting this ball.  Hope that helps.

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