eBay Sucks- Their authenticators are blind

Is anyone else having issues with eBay?  They claim to have authenticators but they are either blind, completely stupid or just 100% incompetent.  My friends eBay account was shut down for selling this perfectly genuine 1937 signed Alfalfa photograph.  It's signed in perfect blue fountain pen ink and inscribed to a Beth who passed away 8 years ago.  Beth Raeider collected vintage Hollywood autographs as she was a receptionist for a major film company back in the 1930's.  Her collection is all genuine vintage signed photographs.  eBay is the only lousy company in the world to call this a counterfeit and they are going strictly by the scan.  

Many are leaving eBay in droves because their fee's are high, they have become WOKE (you can sell Hitler but not Dr. Seuss), the bidders are leaving so prices are dropping while eBay is exterminating themselves by playing silly games calling the most genuine autographs as counterfeits.  Many say it's some BOT that does this randomly as surely nobody is this dumb!  But it appears they are just this dumb.  We recommend Amazon, a garage sale, a flea market or craig's list over eBay since they have no idea what is genuine or what is Fake.  Just look at their site, more forgeries are offered there than any other place in the world.10348108098?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • eBay knows most of what they have on their site is fake all across the board.  Why else would they recommend JSA, PSA or Beckett?  Even their person in charge of Fraud, John Gonzalez said it best with his knowledge; "PSA Sucks and is inept even on a good day."  I'm so glad eBay recommends these three clowns.  It shows how  pathetic they are and why so many forgeries are on eBay!


  • 100% genuine.  How could eBay state otherwise?  What a scam, eBay supporting incompetence.  No wonder there are so many forgeries offered there, and so few genuine pieces.  Maybe it's because they endorse non-experts?

  • There are currently over 2,000 items on eBay when you search for Adolf Hitler.  They supposedly ban Hitler.  But they profit everytime someone violates their policy which is basically a joke.  They act like they don't know there are over 2,000 Hitler items on eBay.  I would never buy nor sell anything on eBay.  They are their own worse enemy, terrible customer service, terrible company, terrible sellers and buyers.  You want to be cussed out, go on eBay.  It's a zoo and junkyard IMO who side with fraud.  A friend bought a fake phone on ebay.  eBay sided with the seller who sold the fake phone.  So my friend sold it back on ebay with the same title she bought it as.  Then the winner claimed they never got it, picked it up after they were refunded and so she was screwed twice, once when she bought the fake phone and again when she sold the fake phone, all on eBay.  

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