Anyone else in this situation ?

How many times should autographed items be submitted for authentication with a certain south florida based authenticator ? Bearing in mind that i am charged each time an item fails, then passes on the 2nd or 3rd submittal. Video proof of the items being failed and the exact same items being passed by the same authentication company in hand. Criminal charges filed for theft also on video of signed items, stolen by a team member for the same authentication company in hand also. 

Does anyone have the same or similar situation ?

Looking forward to sharing the authentication company name, the authenticator's names, the employee's identity that stole my items on camera, and the videos of the theft, unprofessionalism, incompetence & fraud, at a later date. 

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  • I've heard this happen time after time.  One guy had them authenticate something stupid and on the 6th time they finally passed it.  He paid $300 for the autograph, $600 in guesses that failed it until they guessed correctly on the sixth time.  He will never make a profit as these idiots charged him 5 times to be wrong, 1 time to be right.  The theft by a third-party company sounds about right.  I would never let them into my home without holding my shotgun until they leave.  No way are they coming into my home, with total incompetence to sell me stickers and then steal my autographs.  Didn't Bernie Madoff do something similar?


  • Remember the famous email chain where RR Auction sells $100,000 worth of fake autographs according to PSA?  RR Auction asks PSA to rectify this and PSA states have him resubmit them and we will say they are all genuine.  So who is the expert?  Obviously nobody.  Third party is a scam racket no doubt.  Just open your eyes and quit supporting this crime.


  • Don't submit anything.  THe proof is in the results.  They suck.  One former employee said they will hire anyone.  Then to train them they give them 2 pieces of paper.  On one list is who to pass everything for and on the other page who to fail everything from.  This isn't authenticity but instead a company who makes money for an opinion back by zero who won't tell you who made the opinion because you probably never heard of them before.  If you want to buy stickers go to a Hallmark store.  They are nicer and cheaper.


  • Yes, it happens all the time.  JSA sucks.  They just Suck.  They know nothing.  I can show you hundreds of fake items they have authenticated as real and just as many real items they failed.  All about money so they appear to be hiring anyone from pizza delivery guys and girls to those who work in the zoo.  If you meet Jr or Sr you'll get a job if they like you.  They are the worst!


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