Autograph Studies


Spencer Tracy

Spencer Tracy is a Hollywood legend. A leading man who was very closely tied to Katharine Hepburn.
Tracy was awarded an Oscar for best Actor in 1937 and 1938 for his part in Captain Courageous and Boys Town.
Genuine signatures of Tracy can vary greatly, especially vintage examples, and many who are not autograph professionals can easily call a genuine signature of Tracy either a secretarial or one being forged.
The following signatures are all known to be genuine. Click on examples to enlarge.

                                                                 Courtesy of Raab Autographs
                                                            Courtesy of Charles Searle Autographs
                                                            Courtesy of Charles Searle Autographs
                                                   Vintage example, Courtesy of Todd Mueller Autographs
                                                        Courtesy of Susan & Steven Rabb Autographs

                                                                   Courtesy of  Neale Lanigan

                                                                Courtesy of Profiles in History
The following identified by some non experts as a forgery is actually an in person signature of Spencer Tracy signed in pencil.

                                                                       In Person Signature
As with any autograph, it’s best avoid having them authenticated by non professionals and authenticating companies.  Your best chance of getting a genuine autograph is to purchase from a professional autograph dealer.